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Is the NDC a Serious Opposition Party?~Oliver Baker-Vormawor fumes

Is the NDC a Serious Opposition Party?~Oliver Baker-Vormawor fumes 3

In a tweet by the fix convener of the #FixTheCountry movement, He seem not happy about the way the NDC does their things.

This what he said in the the tweet as shown below

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been the main opposition party in Ghana since 2017. In recent months, the party has been criticized for its handling of a number of protests, including a planned protest against the Bank of Ghana.

The NDC initially planned to hold a protest on September 5, 2023, to demand the resignation of the governor of the Bank of Ghana. However, the police obtained a court order to block the protest, arguing that it could lead to violence.

The NDC challenged the court order, but the case was adjourned several times. On September 8, the judge ruled that the police application was defective, but gave the police one week to correct the flaws and reapply.

The NDC has since postponed the protest to September 12. However, some critics have accused the party of being too timid and of not being willing to stand up to the government.

In an article published on September 9, 2023, political commentator Kwame Karikari argued that the NDC’s handling of the protest showed that the party is not a serious opposition party.

“If the NDC was a serious opposition party, it would have called its members to the streets on September 5,” Karikari wrote. “It would have let the government arrest them and then challenged the arrests in court. That is how you fight tyranny.”

Karikari also pointed out that the NDC has been reluctant to protest against the government in recent years.

“The NDC has become too comfortable with being in opposition,” he said. “It has forgotten how to fight.”

The NDC’s handling of the protest has also been criticized by some members of the party. In a Facebook post, former NDC MP Sammy Gyamfi accused the party leadership of being “cowardly” and of “surrendering to the government.”

“The NDC is supposed to be the voice of the people,” Gyamfi wrote. “But it is now clear that the party is afraid of the government.”

The NDC’s handling of the protest has raised questions about whether the party is still capable of challenging the government. If the NDC wants to be a credible opposition party, it needs to be willing to stand up to the government, even if it means facing arrest.

Only time will tell whether the NDC will be able to do so. But if the party continues to be timid and afraid, it will only lose the support of the people.

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Is the NDC a Serious Opposition Party?~Oliver Baker-Vormawor fumes 4

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