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Leaked tape:A psychological evaluation for COP Mensah might be necessary

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Leaked tape:A psychological evaluation for COP Mensah might be necessary 3

Security analyst, Adam Bonaa has advised Parliament’s seven Member Committee hearing the leaked tape on the removal of Inspector General Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare to psychologically evaluate one of the witness CoP, Alex Mensah.

Speaking on Starr Today with Joshua Kodjo Mensah on Friday, September 1, 2023, Mr. Bonaa explained that he is not saying there is something wrong with CoP Mensah but his inconsistent responses among others require he be given some evaluation.

“I think looking at the senior citizen’s appearance yesterday and today I would have wished, I am not saying anything is wrong. However, too many inconsistencies make me believe that they should have allowed some psychological evaluation of the CoP.

“Because you can see even yesterday he flip-flopped, inconsistencies at one point he will agree at another point he will disagree. If you are observing from afar. You will begin to ask yourself questions. Today he seems to have confirmed my suspicions that there is something wrong because something he said yesterday, today when they asked he said no, no I didn’t say that,” Mr. Bonaa stated.

He continued: “At a point, Atta Akyea seems to have confirmed my point of suspicion that now you have gotten back your memory. I am sure you remember Akyea made that comment “Oh you have gotten back your memory.”

Embattled COP Alex Mensah has accused IGP, Dr. George Akufo-Dampare of masterminding the recording and leakage of the tape which contained his conversation with Bugri Naabu ostensibly plotting to oust the IGP.

This came to light when he reappeared before Parliament’s seven-member committee to answer questions on his alleged involvement in the said plot to kick out Dr. George Akufo-Dampare.

You will recall that when Bugri Naabu appeared before the committee on Monday, he noted that he recorded the conversation and made a copy available to the President when excerpts went viral.

But in a surprising twist, COP Alex Mensah on day 2 of his appearance before the committee noted that his intelligence points to the fact that the IGP, Dr. George Akufo-Dampare masterminded the entire recording and leakage to the public.

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Leaked tape:A psychological evaluation for COP Mensah might be necessary 4

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