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Koforidua: Girlfriend’s murder was caused by an erroneous notion of an abortion

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Koforidua: Girlfriend's murder was caused by an erroneous notion of an abortion 3

It has come to light that Godwin Darko, 26, is accused of mudering his fiancée Felicia Abena Oparebea, 23, at Trom Junction-5 in Koforidua on June 17, 2023, as a result of an argument about an unborn child.

The dead allegedly asked the suspect why she had an abortion without her permission.

On Tuesday, June 20, the suspect made his initial appearance before Koforidua Magistrate Court “A” for the purposes of the committal procedures according to

The culprit repeatedly stabbed the girl in the neck in her chamber, killing her instantaneously, according to the prosecutor, Sergeant George Defia.

In order to report himself to the police, the suspect sneaked out of the house and told his mother, Suhum Nifa Ankobea’s Queen mother, what he had done.

In order to allow police to undertake additional investigation, including a search for the weapon used to perform the terrible murder, the prosecutor asked the court presided over by Her Honour Nana Ama Dabbah Fynn to remand the suspect.

The case was postponed to July 4, 2023 by the court.

The suspect’s mother, Nana Dede Klottey, also known as Suhum Nifa Ankobea Hemaa, claimed that her son and the deceased girlfriend used to fight frequently and that she tried to work out their differences before this heinous act happened.

In order to prepare for the funeral of the deceased while the criminal investigation is ongoing, he begged the relatives of the deceased to consent to a meeting.


Cohabitants of the Trom Junction-5 home where the event occurred had earlier told Kasapa News that the suspect visited the girlfriend while the home was hosting a naming ceremony.

The suspect was taken to her room by the now-deceased girlfriend after she stepped outside to meet him.

No one heard the victim’s frantic plea for aid, therefore it appears that the suspect killed the victim while the naming ceremony was going on.

Before sneaking out, he threw the knife he had used to carry out the heinous deed into a bush behind the home.

Police took inventories of the crime scene before retrieving the body from the frozen blood and putting it in the morgue.

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, at noon, police brought the suspect to the scene of the crime to look for the knife that had been used in the crime, but they were unsuccessful.

Several irate young people from the neighborhood surrounded the scene and made threats against the culprit.

Police rushed the man into a taxi and sped off as the situation became more tense.

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Koforidua: Girlfriend's murder was caused by an erroneous notion of an abortion 4

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