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Jock Zonfrillo cause of Death

Jock Zonfrillo cause of Death 3

Jock Zonfrillo cause of Death – Barry Zonfrillo, better known by his first name Jock, was a Scottish chef and television host who lived in Melbourne, Australia.

Along with Andy Allen and Melissa Leong, he served as one of the judges on the well-liked cooking competition show MasterChef Australia. Zonfrillo founded The Orana Foundation, an organization devoted to conserving and honoring the culinary legacy of Australia’s indigenous people, in addition to his work on the show. Zonfrillo passed dead on April 30, 2023, when he was 46 years old.

Martin Krammer, an apprentice chef, was purposefully set on fire by Jock Zonfrillo in 2002 because he was working too slowly. As a result, he was found liable for damages totaling more than $75,000. In May 2007, after a successful creditors’ petition in the Federal Magistrates Court, Krammer declared Zonfrillo bankrupt. Zonfrillo, according to Krammer, never gave him any money.

But Zonfrillo established The Orana Foundation in 2016 to save the traditional ingredients and methods of cooking used by Indigenous Australians. In October 2017, the charity got The Good Food Guide Food for Good Award. Despite this, questions about Zonfrillo’s charity management were voiced in the media. In September 2020, he sued Nationwide News for defamation. The case was settled out of court, and in December 2020, The Australian newspaper published an apology.

With around $3.2 million in unpaid bills when Restaurant Orana and Bistro Blackwood entered voluntary administration in October 2020, Zonfrillo was in financial difficulty. Investigations were being done into possible director responsibilities violations, related party loans, and whether the restaurant companies were operating while insolvent. After Orana closed, Zonfrillo was forced to sell his family’s home in Adelaide Hills.

The Sydney Morning Herald criticized Zonfrillo’s autobiography, Last Shot, which was released by Simon & Schuster in July 2021 for its dubious assertions, such as that he visited “hundreds of Indigenous communities” and claims of drug use. The book’s subject, Marco Pierre White, refuted the allegations and stated that “almost everything he has written about me is untrue.” Asserting the book’s legitimacy, Simon & Schuster described it as “a historical account written from the personal knowledge of the subject writing it.”

Jock Zonfrillo cause of Death

He was not yet identified as to how he passed away at the time of this report.

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