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You have the men, but Kamala Harris is sending an economist to assist you -Kpebu

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You have the men, but Kamala Harris is sending an economist to assist you -Kpebu 3

The Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo administration has come under fire from renowned attorney Martin Kpebu for refusing to acknowledge that they have mismanaged Ghana’s economy.

He claims that despite having pledged to revive Ghana’s economy within a year, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration is now blaming everyone but itself for the nation’s current economic woes.

The International Monetary Fund dispatched an expert to assist the Bank of Ghana after the NPP boasted that it had the men to run Ghana’s economy, and now the US government is sending a similar expert to assist the Finance Ministry.

We borrowed money from the international capital market to come and support the cedi because we were bench borrowing and poisoning the currency. The cedi collapsed when they excluded us from the international financial market last year.

What would be wrong if you acknowledged that your claim that you had the men was true, that you lacked the soldiers, that your men were unprepared, and that this was the reason you led us into a ditch?

He claimed in an interview with TV3 on Saturday that GhanaWeb was watching, “We have the men, we have the men. Kamala Harris (the Vice President of the United States) is now bringing you a resident US economist to come and teach you correct economics.

The attorney added that it is untrue for the government to argue that the economy was functioning well prior to the COVID-19 pandemic because experts and organizations like the World Bank had previously advised Ghana that its course was wrong.

“By the time Covid arrived, you had completed nearly 40 months of what you had promised would take 18 months to turn around the economy. You promised to perform magic, but your magic fell short, he said.

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You have the men, but Kamala Harris is sending an economist to assist you -Kpebu 4

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