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Childlessness in marriage: I will not wish it for even an enemy – Monica Wengam

The inability to conceive in marriage can be very traumatic. Aside from the marital troubles, childlessness can lead to a variety of issues, from psychological, physical, and/or emotional issues.

Lady Rev. Mrs. Monica Wengam, the wife of Rev. Dr. Steve Wengam, has spoken up about how she once overcame this obstacle in her marriage.

Mrs. Wengam stated during an interview with Nana Yaa Konadu on TalkLife TV that she had been married for 14 years but had never given birth.

She claims that having a long-term marriage without children carries its own burden, therefore she won’t even ask for an enemy to suffer through it.

When asked about the difficulties she faced as a virgin who was married to a virgin pastor, and still having difficulties to conceive, Mrs. Wengam stated, “Honestly, it was tough for me. Even if I hated you, it is not a journey I would want you to go through.”

She described how, after two years of marriage, she and her husband decided to start having children, but all of their attempts failed. She said that in addition to praying about it, they all had medical checks and were all in good health.

She said they experienced difficult times as they waited for the Lord to bless them with a child in His own time. According to her, some people even made fun of them for the situation. She said her source of inspiration was the kind of husband God blessed her with.

“There are instances when individuals will say things to demoralize you while you’re out, but when you return home, your partner’s support system gives you hope. Also, it gives you the impression that you and the man are working together to solve the problem,” she said.

Although she waited on the Lord and sought guidance from those who had had such difficulties, she remarked that she never anticipated remaining childless for even 9 years.

However, she said that despite not having children, she and her husband did not give up since they had come to the conclusion that the marriage must continue.

Mrs. Wengam, whom God has blessed with two children, expresses her gratitude to God and her husband for always being there for her.


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Childlessness in marriage: I will not wish it for even an enemy – Monica Wengam 2

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